Website fixes, improvements, and maintenance

Whether your website needs improvements, bug fixes, new pages, content entry, new languages, or anything else, our team of professionals will be happy to help you make it work well and be fast and secure.

Focus on security
Speed optimisation
Fast support

How we can help:

Fixes and improvements

If you need to fix something broken, improve what is not working well, or create something new for your website.

Design and programming

Our team of designers and programmers can help you realize all your wants and needs for website improvements.

Content management

A professional website content manager can help you enter everything from news articles to new language translations and find the most suitable visual.

Page-speed optimisation

A slow website can drive potential clients away and make your website rank worse in Google search results.

Safety improvements

Keeping your website and user data safe is more important than ever. With GDPR and data safety regulations, this needs to be taken seriously.

Great hosting

Great managed hosting helps the website be fast and secure. It is the foundation for fast and secure website.

Website fixes, improvements, and maintenance

If you need any help with your website – our team of professionals is happy to help you make it better.

Fixes to what is not working as intended,

Design and programming for new block, pages or even website,

Content management. Be it regular article entry or new language translations,

Monitoring for website uptime, performance and safety,

Security improvements

The average website is attacked multiple times every hour. Automated hacking bots probe for weak and breached passwords, vulnerable plugins and themes, and other points of entry. Make sure your website is protected!

Our 6-point security system:

Secure the server with a firewall and a secure setup,

Secure the data with SSL certificate,

Secure the DNS records and protect from DDoS attacks with Google Cloud CDN or Cloudflare CDN,

Automatic scans for Malware and malicious probing,

Secure the CMS with 2FA, secure password, and secure connection,

Regular CMS updates that ensure the website is safe for the long-term.

Page speed improvements

Slow websites drive users away because people don't have the patience to wait for the website to load, and you get a high "Bounce rate". Because of this, Google ranks the website lower in Search results and you get less traffic.

Pagespeed audit will determine what needs to be done and how to improve the website,

Coding all the necessary tasks to bring the website to the necessary speed levels so it is faster then your competitors,

Keep the website fast in the long term by implementing CDN, caching, optimized servers, automatic image optimization, and fast server response times.

Monitor the website and implement new page-speed standards when they come out.

Managed hosting

Great hosting will be a key to keeping your website fast and secure. We don't offer just a server to put your website on. We take care of your website by including things like:

Technology optimized server for faster page-speed,

Regular backups for data security,

99.9% uptime guarantee for your website (not only server),

6-point security program to keep your website safe,

Protection from attacks and hacks,

Regular CMS updates that ensure the website is safe for the long-term.

Premium support from a real person.

What our clients say

Profile picture of Karlis Karklins
Kārlis Kārkliņš
Project manager at Association Latvian Christian Alliance for Orphans
"Had a great cooperation with Toms. He went above and beyond to help and assist with everything. Highly recommend!"
Logo of Dr Arnolds Bite
Dr Arnolds Bite
Esthetic dentist
"The team really professionally delved into my situation, completely exceeded my expectations and offered solutions I had never heard of! I'm an absolute fan!!"

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